THE LOVE POTION is a romantic comedy with a NYC Latino Spice. The movie breaks down the 5 elements of Love: Lust, Intimacy, Commitment, Passion and Attachment. Each element is portrayed by a sprinkle of hilarious NYC Latino American characters, all dealing with the trials and tribulations of Love and Relationships. Narrated by a 1980s Psychologist of Love and ballad singer named Daniel Valenzuela, and featuring actress Stephanie Ortiz performing 4 characters. The Love Potion is a roller coaster ride of laughs, love and outrageous comedy. This movie showcases 4 couples that ranges from street to sophisticated characters that all intertwine and at some points interact with each other. Mama Juana a fortune teller introduces Jessica Bermudez to an ancient elixir that will transform Jessica’s boyfriend Rey Bravo, performed by Pablo Gonzalez, into the
Perfect Man. Jessica puts the spell on Rey to make him a faithful man, but things take a turn for the worst making Jessica’s dream into her worst nightmare. Rey’s passion and love drives him insane transforming him from a boyfriend into a stalker solely focused on worshiping her.